It is our expectation to provide safe accommodation and other facilities at an affordable price via Matara Circuit Bungalow of the Ministry of Home Affairs situated in Matara town, for those who expect to travel towards Matara town.

Address: Circuit Bungalow Keeper, The Circuit Bungalow- Ministry of Home Affairs, Udapeekwella,Mathara.

Circuit Bungalow Keeper: 070-4161595 (Mr. gamini Weerasinghe) / Mr. G.L.B.K. Devinda - 075-6182730

Room Number 1 2 3 4 5 6
Facilities Non AC Non AC Non AC Non AC Non AC Non AC
Number of occupants/visitors that could be accommodated 3 3 3 3 3 2
For Government Officers/Retired Officers Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600
Semi-government Officers / Gov. Bank officers Rs. 900 Rs. 900 Rs. 900 Rs. 900 Rs. 900 Rs. 900

Places you can visiy from this circuit bungalow 

Places to be visited Distance from the circuit bungalow  
Weherahena Rajamaha Temple  3.1 Km  weherahena_temple
Matara Bodhiya  1.4 Km  matara_bodhiya
Hiththatiya RajamahaVihara  5.3 Km  hiththatiya_vihara
Kotikagoda Raja MahaViharaya  5.4 Km  kotikagoda_viharaya
Shrine of our Lady  01 Km  shrine_of_our_lady
Protestant Church (Dutch Reformed Church)  1.3 Km  protestant_church
Weragampita Ancient raja maha Viharaya  3.1 Km  weragampita_viharaya
Ellakanda Aranya Senasana  8.2 Km  ellakanda_aranya_senasana
Devinuwara Parama Vichitrarama Purana Viharaya  4.7 Km  devinuwara_paramavichitra_viharaya
Mahamevnawa Mahaviharaya,Aparekka  07 Km  mahamevnawa_mahaviharaya_aparekka
Wewrukannala Buduraja Maha Viharaya  20.8 Km  wewrukannala_buduraja_maha_viharaya
Thanumpatha Rajamaha Wiharaya  13.6 Km  thanumpatha_rajamaha_wiharaya
Agrabodhi Rajamaha Viharaya  19.1 Km  agrabodhi_rajamaha_viharaya
Matara Fort  1.3 Km  matara_fort
Star Fort  1.4 Km  star_fort
Nupe Market (the Old Dutch Market)  3.2 Km  nupe_market_the_old_dutch_market
Devinuwara 103rd Mile Post  4.1 Km  devinuwara_103rd_mile_post
Polhena Beach  4.9 Km  polhena_beach
University of Ruhuna  05 Km  university_of_ruhuna
Ellakanda wewa  8.2 Km  ellakanda_wewa
Dondra Lighthouse (Devinuwara)  06 Km  dondra_lighthouse_devinuwara
Devinuwara Puranawella Fishery Harbour  5.9 Km  devinuwara_puranawella_fishery_harbour
Biso Dola Telijjawila, Malimbada  13.9 Km  biso_dola_telijjawila_malimbada
Dandeniya Wewa, Dikwella  15.8 Km  dandeniya_wewa_dikwella
Dewundara Devalaya  05 Km  dewundara_devalaya
Hummanaya  30 Km  hummanaya
Yellow Pond  06 Km  
Gajaman Nona Walawwa  3.1 Km  
Devinuwara Gal Linda (Stone Well)  5.1 Km  
Urumuwa Weheragoda Purana Viharaya  18.8 Km  
Batheegama Gurukanda Viharaya  18.5 Km  
Aparekka Thunbodhi Viharaya  10 Km  
Devinuwara Vishnu (Upulvan) Devalaya  4.7 Km  
Devinuwara Sinhasana Devalaya  5.5 Km  
Devinuwara Galgane Purana Raja MahaViharaya (Gal ge)  5.1 Km  
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