It is our expectation to provide safe accommodation and other facilities at an affordable price via Monaragala Circuit Bungalow of the Ministry of Home Affairs situated in Monaragala town, for those who expect to travel towards Monaragala town.

Address & Circuit Keeper Informaton

Circuit Bungalow Keeper,
The Circuit Bungalow - No-01,
Sirivijayapura Road,


Mr. R.C.C. Dayanandha - 077-5108951


Mr. H.W. Karunarathna - 077-5114293

Room Number 1 2 3 4 5
Facilities AC AC AC AC AC
Number of occupants/visitors that could be accommodated 2 4 3 3 3
For Government Officers/Retired Officers Rs. 900 Rs. 1200 Rs. 900 Rs. 900 Rs. 900
Semi-government Officers / Gov. Bank officers Rs. 1350 Rs. 1800 Rs. 1350 Rs. 1350 Rs. 1350

Places you can visiy from this circuit bungalow

Places to be visited Distance from the circuit bungalow  
Galabedda Temple  13 Km  galabedda_temple
Maligawila Buddha Statue  25 Km  maligawila_buddha_statue
Buduruwagala Rock Carvings  42 Km  buduruwagala_rock_carvings
Pitamaruwa Mini Worlds End  65 Km  pitamaruwa_mini_worlds_end
Yudaganava Rajamaha Viharaya  20 Km  yudaganava_rajamaha_viharaya
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